Automated ATP monitoring of a tunnel pasteurizer enables improved microbial control with 2nd Generation ATP® testing


Discover how LuminUltra’s BugCount® Guardian helped a prominent beverage production and bottling facility in North America realize the potential for over $200,000 in recovered revenue.

What’s inside:

A brewing facility in North America operates a large, state-of-the-art beverage production and bottling plant. The plant utilizes tunnel-style pasteurizers for microbial control of canned beverages ensuring product stability and safety. Elevated microbial levels in the pasteurizer can cause inefficient pasteurization leading to unscheduled production shut-downs, boil-outs or odors on the finished cans that cost production time and lost revenue.

A trial was initiated with LuminUltra’s BugCount® Guardian, an online ATP analyzer, which automates the sample collection, testing and reporting of microbiological levels in the pasteurizer.

On three occasions the Guardian data trend demonstrated a consistent increase in ATP; this ATP trend led to swift remedial action through biocide additions which brought the microbial contamination event under control with no loss in production.


Get your copy of the case study to learn more about the benefits achieved during the trial with BugCount® Guardian at the brewing facility, including:

  • Simplified and automated microbial process monitoring, with no human resources required for higher throughput testing
  • Rapid identification of microbial contamination events
  • Optimal biocide treatment
  • Reduced rework and downtime
  • Enhanced process control and improved product quality
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