Case Study: Using ATP and NGS to Monitor the Nitrification Process at an Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

What’s inside:

A steel producer in Taiwan, produces wastewater that is high in organics, ammonia, solids, and other waste products. The wastewater is treated on-site using a series of biological treatment processes. The variable influent quality can make it challenging to meet treatment objectives. The company began using a combination of LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation® ATP Testing and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to monitor microbial levels, health, and to analyze the communities that are present in their treatment processes.

With ATP testing performed directly on-site, operators were able to adjust oxygen or recycle rates as required based on real-time data. A combination of ATP and NGS testing allows the operators to be proactive. More specifically, they were made aware of the changes within the active biomass system and conditions that positively and negatively impact the growth of ammonia oxidizers (and other relevant groups to the treatment process) allowing them to make the appropriate adjustments.

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