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How to perform a faster and more accurate test for microbial contamination in aviation fuel

Microbiological testing of fuel is critical for identifying and getting ahead of issues that lead to compromised performance including clogged filters, worn injectors, fuel tank lining (pitting) corrosion, and even engine failure.

The need for rapid and reliable microbiological testing solutions for fuel is quickly increasing in the wake of increased travel and freight movement along with widespread adoption of new initiatives such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

In this webinar, applications scientist Danika Nicoletti and global fuel market lead Mike Haywood review the value of reliable and fast microbial testing.

What you’ll learn

  • The ROI of testing fuels for microbial contamination, including reduced tank cleaning frequency, infrastructure replacement and elimination of costs associated with downtime.
  • The importance of regular microbial testing for fuel storage, and the value of using the same microbial monitoring technology for aircraft fuel tank inspection whether the aircraft is inactive for 14 days or 1 day
  • The difference of 2nd Generation ATP – a simple-to-use technology that provides fast and highly accurate results, including the ability to trend data over time and across sampling sites + how to run a test in just 5 minutes.


Danika Nicoletti – Applications Scientist

Danika Nicoletti specializes in microbial diagnostics for industrial applications, including upstream oil and gas. In this role, Danika focuses on product development, product applications, and thought leadership related to oilfield and industrial microbiology. She has a background in petroleum microbiology research with a focus on microbiologically influenced corrosion and souring and is an active member of industry associations AMPP and IATA.

Mike Haywood – Global Fuel Market Lead

Mike Haywood is a globally renowned operator in the world of aviation fuel, with extensive expertise in microbial test kit applications as well the fundamental operational procedures that underpin the jet fuel supply chain. Mike heads up the fuel division of LuminUltra on a global basis, and focuses on bringing suitable product applications to market through global distribution channels. Mike has a background in fuel quality management, fuel remediation and fuel supply, and alongside the aviation sector has also worked in other fuel related market sectors in more than 35 countries to date.

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