Case Study: Mitigating Capital Upgrades to a Wastewater Treatment Plant Using DNA Sequencing

A municipal wastewater treatment plant planning to carry out an expensive capital upgrade. This upgrade would improve treatment performance and bring the plant into compliance but was extremely expensive. Before investing money into the project, the plant researched if alternative solutions to the upgrade could be found.

A solution explored was our GeneCount® Services. The wastewater treatment plant took six samples and sent them to us as part of our mail-in NGS service. These samples were from different locations throughout the treatment facility.

With their results in two weeks, the treatment plant made their decision on whether to pursue capital upgrades or not. Get all the details on in the Mitigating Capital Upgrades to a Wastewater Treatment Plant Using DNA Sequencing case study.

About LuminUltra

LuminUltra is a biotechnology leader with more than 25 years experience in the water space developing rapid, portable, and accurate microbial monitoring solutions. We are your first line of defense against microbial challenges with our range of technologies including 2nd Generation ATP, automated ATP and qPCR.

Customers in more than 80 countries trust our technology, production reliability, and history of customer service excellence to deliver their essential services in a safe state. With operations across the globe, we work with a diverse range of customers to meet their specific needs.

LuminUltra fosters a culture of innovation and agility and is on an accelerated growth path, acquiring multiple companies in recent years after forming a partnership with XPV Water Partners.

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