Validation Summary - GeneCount® qKit Purify

The need for a robust DNA purification method that does not require corrosive chemicals and could overcome difficult sample types drove the development of the GeneCount® qKit Purify method. This method is based on the same gold-standard methodology used throughout the molecular diagnostics industry.

DNA purification using GeneCount® qKit Preserve and GeneCount® qKit Purify Auto (using an auto purification instrument) or Standard (manual method) was validated on various oilfield samples.

Oilfield samples, including saline hydraulic fracturing (fracking) flowback waters and highly viscous pigging sludge, were selected to challenge GeneCount® qKit Purify due to their complex chemistry and presence of various PCR inhibitors.

Experiments were performed to validate the improved DNA purification method, and its compatibility with eight corrosion-related GeneCount® qKit Assays:

  • Total Prokaryote
  • Total Bacteria
  • Total Archaea
  • Methanogens
  • Sulfate-Reducing Prokaryotes
  • Sulfur-Oxidizing Bacteria
  • Iron-Reducing Bacteria
  • Corrosive Methanogens (micH)

This Validation Summary includes the following sections:

  • GeneCount® qKit Purify Auto comparison with phenol:chloroform DNA purification
  • Successful extraction and amplification of targets for 8 corrosion-related qPCR assays using GeneCount® qKit Purify Auto
  • GeneCount® qKit Purify Standard validation against a commercially available DNA Purification Kit
  • Comparison between manual shaking and vortex disruption methods for GeneCount® qKit Purify Standard


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