Sulfur-Oxidizing Bacteria 

Detect and quantify bacteria that oxidize sulfur.

Quantity per kit: 48 individually lyophilized reactions in 0.2mL assay tubes.

Requires GeneCount® Voyager or GeneCount® Q-96 thermocycler.

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Our GeneCount® qKit Assay kits have optimized concentrations of primers and probes that have been validated on a range of industrial sample types and the GeneCount® qPCR thermocycler devices.

Reagents come conveniently kitted in single use format, making them easier to use, with no excessive reagent handling or special storage required.

Pair any of our assay kits with the GeneCount® Voyager or GeneCount® Q-96, or take advantage of our mail-in testing services.


GeneCount® qPCR assays are designed to target specific genes. Each primer is designed to amplify this target and are meticulously selected using the most up-to-date reference databases. They are then screened both computationally and manually to ensure target detection with little off-target interference.


During assay design, the genomes of thousands of different organisms are screened until each primer and probe has the right combination of specificity and breadth of target recognition.


Although assays are designed around samples extracted using the GeneCount® LT or HT purification kits, and the analysis features of the GeneCount® instruments, they are also designed to be compatible with many standard DNA purification methods and 4+ channel qPCR instruments.


Through careful optimization of assay reagents, reaction parameters, and calculations integrated with the GeneCount® software, assays must demonstrate limits of detection (LOD) and quantification (LOQ) within industry actionable limits, giving you results that matter.

Robust & repeatable

Through extensive screening and analysis with real-world samples extracted from target sample matrices (water, wastewater, fuel, etc.), GeneCount® assays are capable of consistently detecting their target organism even within difficult sample types.

Additional information




Gene information
Assay targetBacteria that oxidize sulfur
LOD (Gene copies/reaction)102
Assay information
Fluorescent channelsSYBR
Cycling conditions95°C 3 min – 1 cycle
95°C 20s – 40 cycles
60°C 45s – 40 cycles
ControlsPositive control [106 copies/RXN]
Negative control (prepared by user)


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