GeneCount® qKit Purify

GeneCount® qKit Purify is a robust DNA purification method that extracts purified DNA for use in a qPCR assay mix. Choose manual or auto extraction.

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Offering both manual and auto extraction methods, the GeneCount® qKit Purify uses magnetic bead purification, eliminating the need for corrosive chemicals.

Our methodology has been optimized for industrial sample types. It overcomes inhibitors often found in samples such as:

  • injection water
  • wastewater
  • metalworking and drilling fluids
  • biofilms

The result is purified DNA that is ready for direct addition to a qPCR assay mix.

Additional information

Purification method

Auto, Standard


Purify Auto

For use in auto-extractors like the GeneCount E-Series.


  • Purify reagents
  • All required consumables for automated extraction, including pipet tips, strips, plates, centrifuge tubes

Purify Standard

For manual extraction.


  • Purify reagents
  • All required consumables for manual extraction, including centrifuge tubse, pipet tips


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