BQUA Plus Test Kit for Ballast Water

The BQUA Plus Ballast Water Monitoring Kit provides rapid and accurate insight into the microbial count in ballast water.

It’s the only ballast water test kit that can provide indicative analysis on each of the three regulatory fractions in less than 20 minutes. Used in on board of the vessel or in a laboratory for a ballast water management plan.

Requires LuminUltra Photonmaster™.


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Test your ballast water with our efficient, versatile and accurate testing solution, measuring all fractions within 20 minutes.

LuminUltra’s on-board testing solution is the result of a robust R&D program and has been validated extensively by customers in real-world applications. It’s used by shipowners, shipyards and laboratories worldwide.

Avoid risk of non-compliance by verifying the installation of your ballast water treatment system. Prevent critical environmental contamination of by verifying the microbial activity of your ballast water.

The BQUA Plus kit includes:

  • A three-membrane microfiltration system to separate organisms by fraction size category (organisms greater than 50 µm (e.g., zooplankton and phytoplankton); organisms between 10 and 50 µm (e.g., phytoplankton and micro-zooplankton); less than 10 µm)
  • An extraction method that ensures complete extraction of the cellular ATP present in marine organisms, including those protected by a mineral shell, a rigid exoskeleton or a tough outer wall (crustaceans, diatoms, microalgae, etc.)
  • A second-generation microbiological analysis kit designed to detect ATP in high-salt samples (up to 300‰ NaCl or 300 PSU)


  • Be confident in your commissioning test by using a proof method referenced in the International Maritime Organization regulations
  • Accurate results for any type of BWTS technology (active substances or UV) and any type of water (untreated or treated)
  • Save money by avoiding sending samples to a shore facility
  • Prevent delays in ship operations by providing detailed results within 20 minutes
  • Generate additional revenues and add greater value services by offering more on-board testing, including with drinking water, fuel and sanitary networks.

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100 tests, 25 tests



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Ballast water


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