Quench-Gone Aqueous (QGA) Test Kit

The LuminUltra Water (QGA) test kit rapidly measures ATP in low-solids, low-biomass applications. Ideal for water treatment or distribution systems, it offers real-time microbial growth detection, aiding in early prevention.

Requires LuminUltra Photonmaster™.

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The LuminUltra Water (QGA) test kit is based on the measurement of ATP, and is designed for low-solids, low-biomass concentration applications. The speed and portability of this test kit enables tests from many points in a water treatment or distribution system to be performed in a short amount of time.

Detecting elevated microbial growth levels in real-time can mean the difference between early prevention and putting consumers or infrastructure at risk. Use these real time results to isolate problem areas, determine the root cause, and mitigate the issue – all during the same shift.

Key features:

  • ASTM D4012 compliant
  • Measure only living biomass via Cellular ATP
  • Results available in < 5 minutes
  • Low Detection Limit of nominally 0.1pg/mL (100 Microbial Equivalents per mL), although simple test modifications can allow even greater sensitivity
  • All interferences such as turbidity, salinity, colour, residual chemical, and other characteristics inherent to sample matrices are mitigated

Additional information


100 tests, 25 tests

Sample types

Low-solids water samples


Aviation, Paints & coatings, Water treatment & distribution


Sample types

Low-solids water samples

  • Drinking water
  • Cooling water
  • Sea water
  • Purified water
  • Fresh water (both ground and surface water)
  • Food and beverage related purified waters

Commonly used applications & industries

  • Water treatment and distribution
  • Product quality (paints and coatings),
  • Aviation (potable water)


  • All required reagents, including: UltraLute, UltraLyse, LumiClean, freeze-dried Luminase, UltraCheck
  • Required plastic consumables including tubes, syringes, filters, pipet tips


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