Next Generation Sequencing

Harness the power of next-generation sequencing to gain a comprehensive understanding of all prokaryotic activity in your systems. Uncover the specific DNA sequences of every microbe present, helping you discern cause-effect relationships and inform future investigations.

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Take advantage of a whole new level of data to understand and ultimately address the organisms living in your systems and impacting your processes.

With LuminUltra’s Microbial Community Analysis services, you get a complete overview of total prokaryotic activity in your sample.

Next generation sequencing

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a molecular testing technology that maps specific sequences of DNA to identify and quantify every specific type of microbe present.

Our NGS solution can sequence the 16S rRNA gene, present in all bacteria and archaea, allowing for differentiation and identification of all microbes present.

This deeper level of insight enables you to better understand cause and effect relationships certain microbes have on your processes – good or bad – as well as evaluate trends and targets for further investigation.


Organisms are classified to the genus level, showing you the total picture of what’s in your system.


Our NGS service includes qPCR testing to provide you both the relative abundance numbers of what is in your sample, as well as the actual concentration quantities in cells/mL.


Take advantage of a best-in-class, two-week turn-around-time globally.


Metabolic functions are assigned to the genera present in the sample, helping you to interpret your results via our comprehensive GeneCount® Dashboard.


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Standard: 10 business days
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