GeneCount® qKit Preserve sample preservation kit

In microbial testing and analysis, sample integrity stands as the cornerstone of reliability. The GeneCount® qKit Preserve is a revolutionary solution that optimizes your in-field preservation process, ensuring confidence in the integrity of your sample during transit to our labs. 

The kit ensures that the microbial community present in the sample remains unchanged from sample collection to analysis and brings cost-saving and efficiency.


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The GeneCount® qKit Preserve simplifies traditional preservation methods, allowing you to bring preservation into the field. Our kit includes everything you need to collect and preserve your sample, with a proprietary preservation technique that ensures sample integrity is maintained until testing is conducted.

Key Benefits 

  • Effortless Shipping: Samples effortlessly ship at ambient temperatures via standard mail, eliminating the need for overnight or cold chain shipping hassles. 
  • True Representation: Ensure your sample genuinely represents conditions with the qKit Preserve, guaranteeing accuracy in your analyses. 
  • Cost-Effective Shipping: Cut down on shipping expenses by choosing sample preservation kits over ice boxes with frozen samples. Benefit from low shipping costs without compromising sample quality. 
  • Simplified “Filter and Hold” Process: Waiting for other test results before sending in samples to LuminUltra? Eliminate additional charges for “Filter & Hold” with the preservation kit and only send in the samples requiring additional analysis. 
  • Reduced Lab Services Costs: Our streamlined processes reduce handling costs. By submitting samples using our kits, you can eliminate additional charges for sample preparation and preservation. 

 Simplify your sample handling, maintain integrity, and save on shipping with qKit Preserve – the optimal choice for streamlined and reliable sampling. 


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