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BugCount® Online ATP Analyzer

How it works

LuminUltra’s BugCount® Online ATP Analyzer can be used to monitor total bioburden in industrial and environmental samples including cooling, industrial process, and oilfield waters.

With BugCount® Online, it is simple to get started.

Easily insert the specific reagent cartridge.

Connect your BugCount® Online to your sample source.

Dial in your testing frequency and begin testing in the online platform. Standardized frequency lets you get ahead of system problems, saving time and money by avoiding downtime and product waste.

LuminUltra BugCount® Online ATP Analyzer reagent cartridge

LuminUltra BugCount® Online ATP Analyzer connecting to sample source

LuminUltra BugCount® Online ATP Analyzer testing

Why choose BugCount® Online?

It’s important to see cause and effect immediately, rather than following a lag that can happen in between manual tests. With BugCount® Online, the process is automated and accurate results are available immediately.

BugCount® Online delivers:

How does it compare?

We compared data from a BugCount® Online ATP Analyzer with measurements that were collected using our PhotonMaster Luminometer and 1st Generation ATP pens.

Automate Your Microbial Testing

Support rapid, informed decision making – and take your ATP testing to the next level. With LuminUltra’s BugCount® Online ATP Analyzer you can begin testing with pre-set testing frequency and a maintenance schedule. Join us to learn how automated ATP testing can benefit your process.

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