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Fast, Accurate Microbial Testing

Meet the Regulatory Standards

Ballast Water Management

Ensure you’re compliant with ballast water regulatory requirements with our rapid, trusted, onboard testing solution – measuring all fractions within 20 minutes. Our technology is 3rd party validated and already in use by customers around the world.

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Microbial Source Tracking

Confirm the origin of nutrient and fecal pollution through LuminUltra’s industry-leading molecular testing solutions. We offer validated tests for the detection of pollution from multiple sources, including human, wildlife, pets and livestock.

Accurate results in under 2 hours

On-site qPCR Legionella testing

Legionella testing has never been more essential for commercial and industrial water systems as cases of Legionnaires’ disease rise across the globe. LuminUltra’s Legionella testing solutions identify and quantify Legionella bacteria and verify treatment procedures on-site — giving you peace of mind.

Webinar | ON DEMAND
Protecting our waterways: how to leverage Microbial Source Tracking for fecal contamination management

Fecal contamination can affect your waterways, resulting in fines, reputational damage, health threats and economic losses from closures. How can you be confident in solving your problem if you’re not sure of the source?

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