LuminUltra Cloud’s real-time data analysis solves water problems on-the-spot [News Release]


Monday, April 3, 2017 – It’s now possible to keep drinking water safer and industrial and wastewater systems running more smoothly with real-time analysis of routine sampling data using the new LuminUltra Cloud platform, officially launching today.

“The traditional approach to microbiological problems is to solve them in a reactionary way,” says Pat Whalen, President and CEO of LuminUltra, a firm dedicated to providing fast and simple ways to protect against microbiological problems in water. “With LuminUltra Cloud, there is now a better way – a way to get in front of the problem before it gets worse. It’s now possible for anyone, anywhere to collect relevant microbiological data, instantly share it with colleagues and gain insight through collaboration and automated analysis. This package truly represents a huge leap forward in how data from water systems is collected and used.”

The system has the potential to be a game-changer when it comes to better and more proactive use of water quality data. LuminUltra Cloud uses a combination of a Bluetooth-enabled, handheld testing device and a cloud-connected mobile app to gather and analyze water sample data more quickly and intelligently than has ever been possible. The tool provides operators with immediate situational awareness and features alarms that assist with faster problem recognition. LuminUltra Cloud can be used in the field to record testing data, produce graphs and review trends over time. This not only applies to 2nd Generation ATP® testing data (the Adenosine Triphosphate-based test at the heart of LuminUltra’s sampling technology), but also any other water quality or system data. Through the app, it is possible to organize all data according to specific sites, complete with GPS-tagged sample locations. As well, in the near future, the platform will allow users to produce customized reports, set and schedule workflows to simplify and streamline routine testing schedules and import spreadsheet data.

“Today, there could be a drinking water operator using a logbook in the field and jotting down measurements on the fly, and maybe then putting them in a centralized system or a filing cabinet back at the office,” says Whalen. “Our platform will provide them with an automated means to instantly log data and obtain feedback right away so they can immediately respond to any concerns the system identifies, thus better protecting public health.”

Developed over a two-year period, this new software platform has gone through a rigorous product validation and testing process involving dozens of water system operators working in the field. LuminUltra Cloud is now available to Android users via Google Play and iOS users via the App Store. LuminUltra will be exhibiting at ACE17, the American Water Works Association’s Annual Conference and Exhibition taking place in Philadelphia from June 12-14, providing a demo of the company’s products and the LuminUltra Cloud platform.


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