GeneCount® Q-96 Thermocyler

LuminUltra’s GeneCount® Q-96 is a powerful thermocycler designed specifically for high-capacity qPCR testing needs. Optimize your qPCR workflow with rapid results in under 3 hours.

Configure your qPCR workflow

Tell us about your process and select assay targets to help us build your custom quote.

1. Sample types

2. Sample preservation method

Do you need to preserve samples in the field?

3. DNA extraction method

Manual extraction

Requires an E-series auto-extraction device.

4. Assay targets

Choose from our available assays.

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Elevate your lab’s capabilities with the GeneCount® Q-96, our high-capacity, 96-well thermocycler developed specifically for laboratories. Extend this competitive offering to your clients, or bring costly, outsourced qPCR testing in-house.

LuminUltra’s GeneCount® Q-96 delivers high performance quantitative PCR, enabling real-time detection of amplified nucleic acids.

The GeneCount® Q-96 comes with pre-loaded cycling parameters, standard curves, and other required information specific for each individual target.

Key benefits

  • Easy-to-use interface featuring large touchscreen
  • Designed to immediately optimize your qPCR workflow
  • Advanced thermoelectric technology ensures fast and steady heating and cooling of the ultra-fast heat cycling system
  • Uses maintenance-free long-life LED excitation light source
  • Precise optical path system and ultra-sensitive PMT system provide the most accurate and sensitive fluorescent detection
  • Five fluorescent channels provide multiplexing capabilities and support for intercalating dyes, hydrolysis and FRET probes
  • Equipped with ultra-low-light sensitive CMOS- based fluorescent imager, delivering high performance and flexible imaging capabilities
  • Rapid results in less than three hours (including purification)
  • Range of available reagent/assay panels available for a variety of targets

Our Q-96 devices are CE, RoHS and WEEE Certified.

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