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Application Note: Monitoring a Harmful Algae Bloom Using ATP

Monitoring a Harmful Algae Bloom Using ATP

What’s inside:

  • Problem: A regional water authority was dealing with an algae bloom in their source water. They investigated the use of ATP to rapidly measure algae biovolume.
  • Facility: A regional water authority with multiple assets
  • Investment: The proposed sampling plan consisted of weekly measurements at 152 sampling sites during the algae bloom. The anticipated cost for test kits would be approximately $30,000 AUD ($21,000 USD).
  • Economic Analysis: The algae bloom cost an estimated $250 million AUD ($175 million USD), which included loss of water for drinking, recreation, agriculture, and fishing. Even a 1% reduction in the overall economic cost of an algae bloom would result in a >80x return-on-investment for implementing rapid ATP testing.
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