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Amazing Water Resources


If you find it easiest to understand a new concept through some type of visualization, you’re not alone. If you happen to be a ‘visual’ person and have an interest in water, there are a ton of great resources available online that can bring out the map-geek and marine biologist in anyone.

Here at LuminUltra, we keep our collective eyes open for interesting water-related sites and we like to share the ones we like. Here are a few of our new favorites that are absolutely packed with interesting maps, pictures and other visuals covering a broad range of information:

  • Natural Resources Canada – The Government of Canada has published a lot of information related to watersheds, precipitation, runoff and climate change. Much of that information is available here. Most of the maps focus on Canada but several – like the ones related to climate change – consider the entire planet.
  • United States Geological Survey – You could spend hours here and not scratch the surface. From real time water quality information from across the USA to geological surveys from the 1800s, you can find it here.
  • Google Streetview – Oceans – You want to see what the street you grew up on looks like now? Or how about walk around the Pyramids without leaving your desk? Google Streetview lets you do these things. But did you know Streetview can also take you underwater? You can dive on a Great Barrier Reef shipwreck or swim with a seal in the Galapagos Islands.
  • Tropical Reef Aquarium – In this live version of the good old aquarium screensaver you can watch a few dozen species of fish go about their business at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California.
  • Global Wind and Weather Map – This live world map displays a variety of information like ocean currents, temperature and wind. You can also add in layers related to wave action and precipitation. Plus, you can switch satellite sources. Very cool.
  • Urban Waste Water Treatment Map – This interactive map lets the user investigate different aspects of the European Union’s Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive. It’s possible to see how each member state is doing in terms of performance and compliance. If you need to understand wastewater treatment in Southern France on a plant by plant basis, this is the map for you.

As a company, we have a passion for water in general. So, from time to time, we like to point out resources like the ones listed above that might help with the answer to an important water industry question. We hope you enjoyed this list of resources.


Stacey Pineau

Clearly explaining complex topics has been Stacey’s focus for close to 25 years now. She helps plan how best to reach the right people, then works to provide them with relevant information that’s easy to understand. Stacey is a team player with an entrepreneurial spirit. She has broad experience that spans the private and public sectors. A lover of words, Stacey has a slightly irrational love of the library and a personal collection of way too many books and magazines. She lives in Fredericton with her husband Ray, their two children and dog Scouty.

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