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The United Nations: Protecting Our Water

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The United Nations plays an important role in many, if not all, of the issues facing the planet. Since the end of World War II, the organization has worked to safeguard international security and human rights. Probably the highest profile examples of the UN’s work are the multinational peacekeeping forces at work in the world’s conflict zones. At present, the UN Security Council is conducting 14 peacekeeping operations across the globe with 110,000 peacekeepers drawn from the institution’s member states.

Another central function of the UN is maybe less well known than peacekeeping, but just as crucial – the promotion of sustainable development. As part of its sustainable development initiatives, the UN created a distinct organization to manage water-related issues: UN Water. UN Water is tasked with coordinating the water conservation work taking place within the United Nations with that of world governments and non-government organizations (NGOs).

As part of its coordination efforts, UN Water is currently involved in some very interesting and important initiatives. These include:

  • High-Level Conference on International Decade for Action. This recently completed event brought together representatives from countries, NGOs and the business community to discuss the implementation of the UN’s Water Action Plan.
  • Integrated Monitoring Initiative. In order to meet its sustainable development goals, the UN is helping governments build their understanding of the water resources within the borders of their respective countries. By increasing the availability of water quality data, these governments can better understand how their water resources are changing over time.
  • Most people have heard of World Water Day. The annual March 22 observance is meant to draw the world’s attention to water conservation and availability issues. Not many people however have heard of World Toilet Day. Recognizing that the lack of effective wastewater management and sanitation have a huge effect on billions of people worldwide, the UN wanted to create a separate event to draw attention to these problems. This November 19 will mark the sixth annual UN World Toilet Day.

These are a few of UN Water’s programs, but there are many others. Water protection is an issue that affects everyone on the planet, so UN Water’s mandate will probably continue to expand. At LuminUltra, we like to think we’re helping to safeguard the world’s water resources. Our products and services are helping our clients protect people’s safety across many sectors and in many locations. Whether it’s drinking water, sanitation or an industrial application, we understand that none of us can afford to be wasting water.


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