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Water is a topic that we all share an interest in. Whatever corner of the globe you’re from, water matters. This global interest is reflected in the quantity and quality of water resources available on the Internet. At LuminUltra, we try to stay on top of what’s happening, not just in the field of microbial detection but in the larger world of water. As part of this ongoing search, we come across some great online resources related to water. Here are a few we found recently that stood out:

  • The Water We Eat – Not only does this website tell a fascinating story about the amount of water we use (did you know that you eat 3,496 litres of water every day?), it should probably win a design award. Check it out and get ready to scroll.
  • Home Water Audit – This site offers a quick quiz related to residential water use. It’s only a dozen questions long, not exactly exhaustive, but if you were interested in trimming water usage around your home, then it’s a good place to start.
  • Energy-Water Nexus – This site lets the user explore the relationship between water availability and power generation. The available data is limited to the United States but it’s fascinating even if you don’t live in that country. If you’re a visual person, you’ll love the interactive map that this site is built around. If you want to know how many power plants there are in the Colorado River Basin, this site can tell you.
  • Teaching Kids About Water Conservation – Like the title suggests, this site lists dozens of resources that can be used to educate children about the value of water conservation. All of the articles, worksheets and exercises can be used in the classroom or at home to teach about some aspect of water usage.
  • Tip Tank – This memory-testing matching game has a simple goal: keep your goldfish alive by making sure the bowl stays filled with water. While you’re working away at that, the game sneaks in some water saving advice. Actually, the game is only a small part of the website Water Use It Wisely, another great place for kids and educators to learn about water.

At LuminUltra, we believe in continuing education – both yours and our own. Through our very own LuminUltra Academy, we offer free, on-demand, online courses and certification designed to help our customers and partners learn more about microbiological monitoring. We hope you’ll take advantage of some of the great, free resources available to help you learn more about the safe and efficient use of water.


Stacey Pineau

Clearly explaining complex topics has been Stacey’s focus for close to 25 years now. She helps plan how best to reach the right people, then works to provide them with relevant information that’s easy to understand. Stacey is a team player with an entrepreneurial spirit. She has broad experience that spans the private and public sectors. A lover of words, Stacey has a slightly irrational love of the library and a personal collection of way too many books and magazines. She lives in Fredericton with her husband Ray, their two children and dog Scouty.

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