BQUA Plus Test Kit for Ballast Water

Ensure ballast water compliance with the BQUA Plus Monitoring Kit. Rapid, accurate microbial count testing in just 20 minutes for environmental protection.

Quench-Gone21 Wastewater (QG21W) Test Kit

LuminUltra Wastewater Test Kit (QG21W): Gain insights into biomass for cost-saving and efficient wastewater treatment plant operations. Prevent upsets and streamline processes.

Industrial Wastewater

Save time, optimize operating costs, and manage treatment process risks with accurate, real-time microbiological wastewater testing solutions

Ballast Water Management

To mitigate the risk of invasive species, all ships must meet the IMO regulatory standards for ballast water management by 2024. We can help.

Industrial Process Water

Diagnose and solve industrial water contamination problems within hours with LuminUltra’s fast, accurate qPCR and ATP microbial monitoring solutions.
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