Watch and learn more about upcoming and on-demand webinars from LuminUltra's experts in ATP and qPCR testing.

Biocide Control

Assess biocide efficacy in just five minutes with LuminUltra's complete ATP and qPCR testing solutions for industrial processes. Learn more.

Marine Industry

Analyze onboard ballast water, drinking water, fire fighting network and fuel—all using the same equipment—with our marine industry qPCR and ATP testing.


myLuminUltra is a robust digital platform to let you analyze and manage your microbial monitoring system from anywhere. Learn more.

About Us

LuminUltra is a biological diagnostic testing company, and leader in developing tests and reagents for environmental, industrial, and diagnostic monitoring.


Increase your knowledge with case studies, whitepapers, application notes, and thought leadership from the experts in microbial testing.


LuminUltra has a wide range of solutions to address your microbial and environmental monitoring needs, for fast, accurate results in-field, or in the lab.


Discover fast, simple solutions to microbiological problems with LuminUltra's BugCount® and GeneCount® technology.

Global Partner Community

Interested in becoming part of our growing, global partner communities with access to exclusive resources? Learn more here.

2nd Generation ATP

Our patented 2nd Generation ATP testing kit and PhotonMaster™ luminometer provides data to save you time and money in the battle against microorganisms.

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Please note that the LumiCalc software will permanently go offline on September 30, 2020, and has been replaced with myLuminUltra.
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